7/14/09 - Café Brown™ News - POINT SYSTEMS & MODERATOR JOBS OPEN!!

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7/14/09 - Café Brown™ News - POINT SYSTEMS & MODERATOR JOBS OPEN!!

Post  Acoustic on Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:27 pm

Howdy. Got some stuff to broadcast to everybody: First off, today we will be initiating the CB™️ Point Exclusive Program! (aka PEP). With PEP, you will earn points for doing things like: posting a lot, getting friends to sign-up, doing good deeds around the site, etc. The more Points you have the closer you are to being upgraded to a higher rank status!! Or you can trade in your PEP Points for things like Xats, Subscriber Days, Webkinz Items, and MORE! You can even donate them to the CB™️ Point Bank by PMing me the amount of PEP Points you would like to donate to the CB™️ Point Bank! When enough points have been collected in the CB™️ Point Bank - the ENTIRE community will be able to enjoy and unlock a new feature for Café Brown!! So start collecting your own PEP Points TODAY!!!

Also, in other news:

We have more moderator project jobs available! If you want to prove your stuff, acting in part of a CB™️ Project is a GREAT way to get your recomendation and PEP Points Up! So PM Acoustic for more info. so you can participate in things like the Café Brown Arcade Development Team or the Roleplay Expansion Organization, etc.!

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Re: 7/14/09 - Café Brown™ News - POINT SYSTEMS & MODERATOR JOBS OPEN!!

Post  samanthaxxx3 on Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:52 pm

I like the Pep points(:

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